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YV 69 Committee Meeting 7/15/2009: Come Together

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

I have to admit it, our committee meetings are FUN. Who would think the words “meeting” could ever be combined with “fun”?

Where else (other than maybe your first year in college) are you thrown together with people your exact same age, who share a common cause, and a similar past? Throw in a little wine, a little dinner, and you have a receipe for an immediate bond.

If these evenings are any prediction of the REAL reunion, then prepare for a crazy, FUN time in September.

Warriors gone wild?

What I find most amazing is that this group of 10-12 YV 69ers did not know each other very well in high school for the most part. Other than my best friend, Sally (Morrison) Marin, I really didn’t know anyone in the group. And yet we blended and bonded almost immediately.

We laugh. We share secrets from high school. We mourn those that we have lost. And we celebrate the most important thing: COMING TOGETHER. There is nothing better than that, I assure you.

Guy Gettle made a very good point last night. To those of you reading this who are saying THIS to yourself “I don’t want to go to the reunion, because I won’t know anyone there…”, we would like to tell you this:


Every one who graduated with you launched into adulthood from the same place in Concord California, at the same time, sharing the same moments in history, and so many of the same experiences.

It is 40 years later, and time to embrace fellow classmates, honor what we share, and disregard any leftover insecurities from high school once and for all.

We would love for you to join us on September 12th, for our 40 Year Reunion. Why? Because you are one of us, and we are committed to a reunion that will celebrate something more than just our past.

We’re celebrating our future together.

Last night Debbie Carlin asked if we could come up with a theme for the Reunion. I would officially like to suggest we borrow the title from a great Beatles song and make our theme “Come Together”.

If you agree, please feel free to let us know, or suggest your own theme.

Written by Committee Member Janet (James) Guilbault (Class of 1969)