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Miles and Miles of Miles: Remembering the Why of Our 40 Year Reunion

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Good morning YV 69ers.

For those of you who have been following our progress via our website, you are aware that this is the newest version. Our committee member and former BMOC (big man on campus) Bob Ayres, is developing this site, so please note it is a work in progress.

Our deepest thanks to Mark Van Hatten who put so much time and effort into the original site.

All the best things in life unfold little by little. Please continue to visit, continue to give us your ideas, and by all means check out this blog, which we believe is one of the best upgrades to our official website.

At our committee meeting this week we were talking about our fellow classmate, Miles Affleck, who recently passed away. Most of us thought of a special picture of Miles, smiling, wearing an Indian headdress, and riding bareback.

I believe this must have been at our homecoming game, can anyone verify this? (Since my friend Sally Marin has such a better memory than me, we say that she has a “save button” in her mind, and I have a “delete” button in mine….)

I guess in 1969 it was not “politically incorrect” to dress up like an Indian and ride around whooping at a foot ball game. (Laughing)

You will note that our webmaster Bob placed this picture on our home page with a link to a touching memorial tribute by his brother. I watched it last night and was made all the more aware of the importance of COMING TOGETHER (while we have the opportunity).

On a final note: I did some research and discovered the Beatles song “Come Together” was considered to be the number one single of 1969. Click here to link to the list.

I laughed to also discover the Jackson Five had the number on Motown hit “I Want You Back”.
Since we “Want You Back”, let’s all “Come Together” this September.

You just never know if you’ll have the chance again.

A final note: Over the weekend I will be working on an e-mail blast to be sent to all of the Ygnacio Valley Class of 1969. You should receive this Monday.

Written by Janet (James) Guilbault, YV Class of 1969