Tribute to Reunion Weekend 2009: The Spirit of 1969 Lives On

It was a place in time that we will remember forever: Reunion Weekend, September 11-12-13 of 2009.

To those that came to find old friends, to make new friends, and to enjoy an afternoon steeped in love and remembrance, thanks for sharing the spirit of 1969 with us on what was a picture perfect September afternoon.

Memories: Those blue skies (after a rare lightening and thunder storm ushered in the day). That setting (which was like our own private little park). Blue and gold everywhere. Yellow sunflowers.

Those vintage cars. The excitement as everyone began to arrive. Staring at name tags, hugging, laughing, then catching up. The awesome food, the wine, the “memory wall” including letter sweaters and song leader outfits. Bob Ayres on the microphone. The Madrigals singing.

The tribute at dusk to those who have passed away, with Beatles music in the background.

Listening to our former principal speak on Sunday morning. Seeing the locker rooms where we dressed out for PE (as the new principal gave us a guided tour inside the school).

It was upbeat, it was fun, and maybe, just maybe, the best reunion we have ever had.

To those of you who missed our event, we hope to see you next time and we missed you! The turnout was far beyond our expectations, a wonderful gathering that inspired a new appreciation for the role high school played in our lives.

Funny, how hindsight will do that to you.

The committee will soon be posting pictures for all of you who missed the event, so continue to come back to the website, and join us as we all come together, 40 years later, and keep the spirit of 1969 alive.

It was pretty special, don’t you agree?

Written by Janet Guilbault, Class of 1969 Committee Member

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