Last Meeting of the Reunion Committee

A typical meeting starts with Members arriving and usually bringing a bottle of wine or something to eat [or both!]
Once everyone who is going to show up arrives… we EAT [the food not the late arrivals haha]!
Then we get down to business, and usually since time is short we begin while we are eating. We always have an agenda and now since we are on “day 35″ to the Reunion on Sept 12 it is crunch time. There are people working on music, making memorabilia boards, printing name tags… you name it Debbie and Jodie and Gail have lists of what needs to be done and they actively seek volunteers. From the original days of 10 Committee members it has grown. We are happy to have the help of Cheryl [who is helping organize a fun and friendly game of golf] and Karen [who is going to be using her skills as a sign maker to write by hand all the names of people from photographs we've collected. [that's her on the left]

And it is not too late to send in stuff. Especially pictures. Surely someone has some pictures from a Senior Picnic? or Graduation Day? the All-Nighter? How about a Prom picture? Senior Ball? Take a moment and scan and email it to Bob. He will gleefully display it for all to see.

Steve posted pictures of our last meeting on Facebook.

FYI it is now August 9 and…

34 days until Sept 12, 2009

34 days until Sept 12, 2009

Today seven of us went to the Site of the Sept 12 Reunion. If you would like to see some pictures visit this site. We are all getting psyched as Sept 12 approaches. The Committee will keep you posted as there is always going to be something to share. Our next meeting is only in 3 days. MORE TO COME.

Carry on my friends…Mark

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